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A dress should always be shaped to fit your body, not the other way around. A dress for a special occasion needs to fit in more ways than one. It needs to fit the time of year and the climate in which it will be worn. It needs to fit your personality and individual style, it needs to fit the setting in which it will be worn – beach, garden, mansion or otherwise – but most importantly, it just needs to fit. It’s amazing how an ill-fitting gown can detract from what would otherwise be a stunning look. A strapless gown shouldn’t need to be tugged at to hitch it up all night, a bride should always be able to take a deep breath in and straps shouldn’t fall down at random moments, or at all.

At Pearls & Roses Bridal, we provide bridal and other dress alterations in Geelong for any wedding, formal or debutante dress. Even if you didn’t purchase it from us. In some cases, a centimeter or two from the sides or bottom of the dress, some sewn-in bust cups or shortening of the shoulder straps is all that might be required to ensure the perfect fit of your chosen dress. If we believe the alterations required will not work for the dress, we will tell you honestly and help in any way we can to ensure you have a beautiful dress in time for your special occasion.

COVID-19 Updated practices:

With the non-essential services and social distancing measures currently in place, we cannot have anyone in our salon for fittings or alterations. However, we are opening up our books from May 1st, 2020 for a limited number of alteration bookings. Please note that these dates will change according to Government announcements and restrictions.

All clients will have access to hand sanitizer and a face mask (hand made to keep).

All areas are stringently cleaned – including garments prior to appointments.

The store space allows room for the bride and a designer to be present with the 1.5m rule.

At this stage no guests allowed and skype preferred in the bridal consultation.

For the organized bride, alterations may be required to adjust a retail or custom wedding gown, purchased with us or elsewhere. Don’t go all the way to Melbourne, when we offer alterations right here in Geelong.  Contact us to register your interest in an alteration appointment, and once restrictions are lifted, we will contact you.

If you need bridal alterations, debutante or formal dress alterations, you will be able to try on your garment privately before our dressmaker assesses the alterations required and discusses the best course of action. You might like to take a look at our couture wedding dresses in Geelong for a gown that fits your big day.

Pearls and Roses also offer bulk alterations to clients who have a large quantity of pieces in need of quality alteration.

Please note, our alterations are only available for evening, formal and bridal dresses.

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